Sleep well, wake refreshed and happy

I’ve struggled with sleep most of my life.

When I was a little girl I hated naps and bed time.

My child mind told me that if I slept I would miss something, anything. Missing anything meant I was missing fun. 

My eyes would just not stay closed, I would wake up really early and watch the shadows in the corners change as the light peeked through the window.

I remember one day in particular when my sister and I were sent to nap. Earlier that day, my 5 year old brain plotted a way of getting out of nap time. 

I dragged a saw horse across the back yard and put it under our bedroom window. [Read more…]

Gentle Yoga Sequnce to UnWind, Improve Flexibility and Relieve Pain

When I first started my yoga training, I was the only trainee in the class that could not touch the flooreven with my fingertips. 

It was so frustrating!

Years have passed, thousands of hours on the mat, too many self inflicted injuries have revealed that a daily practice is the only way to experience ease throughout the day and manage the challenges of changing seasons, travel and over work.

I found something that works for me, maybe it will work for you…

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