Sleep well, wake refreshed and happy

I’ve struggled with sleep most of my life.

When I was a little girl I hated naps and bed time.

My child mind told me that if I slept I would miss something, anything. Missing anything meant I was missing fun. 

My eyes would just not stay closed, I would wake up really early and watch the shadows in the corners change as the light peeked through the window.

I remember one day in particular when my sister and I were sent to nap. Earlier that day, my 5 year old brain plotted a way of getting out of nap time. 

I dragged a saw horse across the back yard and put it under our bedroom window. [Read more…]

What do Vicodin, Zocor and Lipitor have in common?

Have you ever noticed how many of your conversations revolve around health, aches, pains and medications?

Whenever I get together with friends, somehow, we always have a conversation about health.

At a recent dinner party, a friend was asking some really great questions. Then he asked one question that I thought was fabulous.

He asked, “So what do you think about Ambien?”

A hush settled over the party and everyone tuned in thinking I just might go ballistic on pharmaceuticals. [Read more…]