Do this for Radiant Supple Skin

Did you know that your skin tells stories about you?

It will even tell deep dark stories that you don’t want anyone to know.

Like that secret sugar addiction, late night online shopping, drinking iced drinks, or that your really eating chemical, lab created “foods” rather than whole foods.


One of the tell-tale systems for your skin is your Lymphatic System.


So if you’re walking around with excess baggage under your eyes or around your jowls, give your face the gift of a personal massage.

It’s one of my favorite self care rituals.


My Tips


I want to do this once a week, but that doesn’t always happen. I will to do it on or around the Full and New Moons at a minimum.


Following moon cycles helps my body stay in sync with the natural rhythms of the seasons.


Add Frankincense or an Anti-Aging Blend to your finger tips for added effectiveness. These are wonderful for your skin, I use both of these twice a day, every day.

This is great to do if you feel like you may be ‘coming down with something’.  Remember, your lymphatic system is vital to your immune resiliency.