The Essential Ginger Pickle

Ayurveda, known as Yoga’s sister science, offers an array of practices for radiant optimal wellness.

The Ginger Pickle is a highly prized, incredibly effective, and taste bud tingling recipe that increases digestive agni, (agni translates to fire).  Because of this, it is also a fabulous boost to the immune system.


It’s a ‘trick’ used by brides to help them fit into their dress on their special day…

but it’s also amazingly beneficial to three of your body’s systems.

Have you noticed that when you’re coming down with something,

  • your digestion gets sluggish,
  • you feel full and bloated,
  • and you can’t think as clearly?

That’s because your digestive system, your immune system, and your nervous system rely on each other.


Think of it this way, they are the 3 wheels on your proverbial tricycle.

If one of the wheels hits a hard bump and bends, it becomes wobbly and the other 2 wheels have to work double time to keep you moving.

Adding the Ginger Pickle into your daily or weekly regimen will help you stay healthier because you are digesting better.


It’s simple…

Eat it before meals and enjoy better digestion, less gas and bloating, and improved mental alertness.

  • Great to boost immunity when you’ve been around sick people
  • Awesome to warm you up and tame your tummy when you need that extra soothing.
  • Perfect when on a cleanse or detox.
  • A tonic for those with chronic dry mouth.

Ayurveda Digestive


  • Honey – the best you can get
  • Ginger Root – organic if possible, otherwise peel it before you grate it
  • Lemon – squeeze the juice
  • Salt – I suggest Gray Sea Salt for most people

Optional Supportive Additions

  • Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil – 1-2 drops (supports healthy metabolism)
  • Lime Essential Oil – 1-2 drops (supports the immune system)
  • Lemon Essential Oil – 1-2 drops (aids cleansing)



Grate a 2 inch piece of ginger root into a glass bowl.


pinch to 1/4 tsp of gray sea salt

juice of one lemon

drizzle of honey

essential oils to taste



Now eat it…

Take 1 teaspoon before your meal(s) to increase your digestive fire.  Save the rest for later in the day.


Why this works…

There are several elements that make this an effective natural digestive aid.

  • First there is the 5 elements of taste that help your mouth produce saliva. Saliva is rich in enzymes that begin the digestive process in the mouth.
  • Second, ginger is renown for it digestive properties that aid all three parts of the digest system, stomach, small intestine, and large intestine.
  • Third, an active digestive system is key to greater energy because the system can operate more efficiently.
  • Forth, the optional addition of essential oils adds supportive chemical properties that are not present in the juice of the the lemon or ginger root.

I adapted my Essential Ginger Pickle recipe from an ancient recipe you can find on Maharishi Ayurveda.

It’s a great recipe to start with for those of you that don’t have quality, safe to ingest essential oils yet. Want to learn about the oils I use and trust? Send me an email.


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