Do this to realize your goals

In a fit of excitement, have you ever made a deal with yourself, set a goal, and then it just fizzled out?

I used to make some really crazy deals with myself. Like getting up thirty minutes earlier for quiet time, or 4:00 a.m. yoga practice, or planning a weeks worth of meals. Then, I didn’t follow through, so my goals just withered.

This led to feelings of guilt and laziness. I felt unmotivated to set future goals because I couldn’t make my pie in the sky goal a reality.

I mean, why bother if I’m not going to complete what I start?


As a health coach, I’ve learned from my clients that most of us have crazy conversations with ourselves when we want to make a positive change in our health, relationships, or careers. Our minds can get really carried away with grandiose plans to reach that elusive Nirvana-like satisfaction.

We tickle our fancy with plans, visions of feeling great, and accomplishment. But these thoughts remain in our heads, while our bodies continue to do things that get us nowhere fast.

The problem is that because we are all grown up, our ego tells us that we can do it without writing it down, making a plan, or sharing our goals with anyone.


If you do follow this simple step by step formula for setting your goals you will realize them, I promise.



My beautiful friend crossing the finish line!!! Congrats gorgeous!


Think about the times your friend told you something radically crazy like, “I just signed up for the Rudolph 10k” when they’ve never run before.

Do you remember looking at them like they had six eyes and no brain?

Then, do you remember they couldn’t meet you for the morning muffin at the coffee shop because they were in training and had to clock some miles?

Now, do you recall how happy they were when they actually finished the run and now have a personal best?



What an awesome feeling to experience!!!




So here’s how they did it, this is the


Simple Strategic Formula to Achieving Massive Results.

First, they started with a desired feeling.

You see, people don’t run because they like running, they run because of the way it makes them feel.  They join races because of the accomplishment they feel when they cross the finish line.

What feeling do you want to experience in your health, your happiness, your relationships, your personal development, your finances, your career, or your world impact?

Second, they firmed up their goal.

They filled out the paperwork and backed it up with a small investment known as a fee.

It may seem like a small and inconsequential step, but with each movement of the pen, they got their mind and body involved by ‘writing’ out their goal to finish the race.

Write down your goals. Meeting your goals will help you experience the feeling you want.

Third, they told EVERYONE.

Yep, they even got a little bit annoying and sometimes boring because all they could talk about was their upcoming race.

Tell people your goals!

But be choosy.  To be honest, your goals to get healthy, improve your relationships, or even your career will challenge some of the people you hang out with. If it does, you might consider if they really have your best interest at heart or just want someone to wallow around with.

Fourth, they scheduled their training.

The scheduled time in their day for their training runs, but also time to meet their nutritional needs and the all important rest days.

Schedule simple, really simple daily actions that when taken everyday will get you one step closer to your goal.

Fifth, they took action.

Even when the weather was bad, they would rather have slept in, or when they would have rather hung out with you at the coffee shop talking about what’s on sale at the mall they showed up for themselves.

When they started, they may have only been able to jog-trot for 5 minutes, so that’s exactly what they did.  A few days later, they went little further.

Take action. Don’t go out and try to make sweeping changes in one day. That only works when you’re cleaning out your closet.

 Everyday, do at least one action that will get you closer to your desired goal.


That’s it. That’s how they ran a race when they had never run one before. That’s how they experienced the feeling of accomplishment. It really is that simple.

That’s exactly how you can reach your goals, the feelings you want to experience, in any area of your life.


Tell me…

What is it you want to do, feel, or be?  What is one simple daily action you know you can take everyday that will get you there?