Put Your Oxygen Mask On First

In today’s busy, hectic world, it’s a challenge to take care of ourselves.

Generally, the minute we wake up we don’t give our body, our health, and it’s needs, a second thought.

Seriously, what was your first thought this morning? I’ll bet it went something like this…


‘uh-oh, I hit snooze one to many times, I have got to stop that, why did I do that, I’m going to be late, I hate being late, at least I’m not the only one, Sherry is always late, crud, it’s raining out, gotta leave a little earlier, oh no, I totally forgot that I’m supposed to…, now I have make another stop, I’ll grab something in the drive through on my way, I wish I felt better, did I even sleep last night, I have got to start taking better care of myself, no time for that today, let’s see….maybe next week, where are my keys, oh for crying out loud”


Does that sound like your inner monologue?


If so, how does that make you feel?


When my monologue gets that panicked, I feel


And then, I get RESENTFUL.

I resent everything I’ve said “yes” to. 

Oh, and then, I resent everyone I’ve said ‘yes’ to.

AND then I feel GUILTY!


There is only one way to fix this, so get ready, you’re probably going to bristle against it like I sometimes do.


“Put YOUR oxygen mask on first.”


The one and only way that you will be able to handle everything that goes on in your life, your health, your relationships, and even your  career is to take care of your physical health needs first.

Make your physical a priority so that you can enjoy doing everything you really want to do, take care of the people that mean the most to you, and be your radiant best.



Do you remember when Franklin Covey became a household word back in the ’80’s?

One of the tools and skills taught in this efficient organizational system is to prioritize action items.

It’s the same with your health, you have to prioritize the actions that will support your health first.


Number 1 – Rest to nourish.

Sleep is the number one method, but so is prioritizing quiet time.  Yep, give your ears at least 5 minutes of  quiet during your waking hours.  Hearing is the one sense we cannot turn off.

Give your eyes a tech break.  Our eyes feed us with such beautiful information, but they also need daily stillness.

Check out my 7 Super Self Care tips here.


Number 2 – Hydrate for optimal decision making. 

Those thoughts are electrical impulses. Water is a fabulous conductor for electricity.

Check out my Smart Person’s Guide to Water here.


Number 3 – Eat to improve your energy.

This is where is can get sticky. Planning your weekly meals can seem like drudgery, but if you don’t plan it, you will end up eating that frozen pizza, picking up take out,  or even worse, hitting vending machine or drive through.

Pull together a few healthy meals that are easy for you prepare and that you like to eat and rotate them through your week or month.

It really doesn’t take anymore time to prepare a chicken breast, roasted veggies and side of greens that it does to order it, go get it and bring it home.

The time is the same, the benefits are not.

Here’s an Ayurvedic Digestive that will jump start your digestion and metabolism.


Number 4 – Move appropriately for your energy level.

Going to the gym after a grueling day, burning up your reserve energy will only make you fat, grumpy, age faster, and then you’ll want that second, third and forth glass of wine.

Seriously, have you ever wondered why your friend the marathon runner has a belly and a rather large pair of saddle bags even though she only eats salads and runs about 12-24 miles a week?  It’s because what she is doing is the opposite of what her body needs, so it isn’t really healthy at all.

This simple 7 minute yoga practice will change your life.


Number 5 – Stop saying Yes!!! 

This is a toughie, I know.  I want to say yes whenever possible. In fact, there are times that I say yes, when know for sure that following through will mean that I have to put something else on the back burner to simmer, hoping it doesn’t burn, over cook or get forgotten.

Begin to use the popular 1980’s slogan…







Saying no to things that make no sense for you, actually frees you up to say YES to the things that light you up. You will have more fun, you life will be more exciting to you and your radiance will be seen and felt by everyone around you.


When you begin to make your physical health a priority,

you will experience greater satisfaction in all areas of your life. 


Go ahead, try it, I triple dog dare you! 😛

Tell me…

What is the hardest part of taking care of yourself?  Then give me one easy step you can take to make it easier.


  1. This was a great article! I can always tell when I need to hydrate, because I get a bit of a brain fog, but I never thought to give my ears a break. I will be trying that starting today. And yes I did hit the snooze button this morning. Luckily, I ride into work with my hubby, so I could eat my breakfast in the car. LOL

  2. Oh, as much as I love water I get busy and wait too long to hydrate. No problem with sleep. I sure do love # 4 by the way, and yes, I sure do know someone like that.

  3. I could not agree more. This is a great reminder that we have to take care of ourselves first and I love how you set forth some specific ideas of how to do so. thank you!

  4. Some good points there. As daughters, wives and mothers, women often leave their needs until everyone else is satisfied – and gradually, it takes its toll. We need to teach the people around us that we need time for ourselves, to look after our body and mind, in order to continue being there for others.

  5. I love this! These are great self-care tips! I recently posted a status update about spending the first 5-10 minutes of your day caring for yourself first, prior to anyone else. This helps us set the intentions for the day allowing us our own self-care time before we tend to others. As a nurse, I have reaped the benefits as of late, increasing my own self-care practice.

    • Yikes, I just saw your response today Dana!

      Resounding !yes! on self care! Especially as nurse and care giver. I am happy you are taking care of yourself.

  6. I love this, thanks Rommy! So very true that you can’t take care of others unless you take care of yourself first and I like how you have given us priority action items – you rock! Thanks for this.

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