My Desert Island Oil

I’ve been using essential oils since 2005


I use them to clean my home and to care for my body safely so I could improve my life and reduce my body’s toxic load. At that time, there were no online schools easily accessible and if there were, I really wasn’t healthy enough to a lot of electronic searching, much less retain much of the science heavy courses available.

I wanted practical, simple, and effective ways to use essential oils for my well-being.


So I started reading, learning from others, and experiencing the effects of the oils for my body.


LAVENDER Essential OilI kept hearing everyone talk about Lavender Essential Oil and how they regarded it as an integral part of their essential oil kit, so much so that they would not leave the house without it.

I could not stand the smell of Lavender. But you know what, I had actually never smelled pure Lavender Essential Oil, I have been smelling synthetic fragrance oils. No wonder I didn’t like the sticky sweet smell I thought was lavender.

Now that I have become aware of the difference between a pure, safe, and unadulterated essential oi synthesized or inferior essential oil, Lavender Essential Oil has become my Desert Island Oil.  It is always in my purse, I keep it on my kitchen counter, by my bed and in my bathroom. I use it for everything, soothing savage stress, as skin calmer, pest control and to ease jangled nerves. It’s the first thing I reach for when I feel occasional aches and to relieve tension, whether it’s in my head, muscles, or on my skin.



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Are you a science geek? You can learn more here…

PubMed is a great place to learn more about the many ways Lavender essential oil can be used.