Let’s talk HOT!

I’m not talking about those white hot flashes of brilliance

we all have from time to time, you know, like the time you figured out how to use Instagram…nope…not that.

I’m talking about those power surges that start under the skin, somewhere around the kidneys,

then move into the bones and suddenly you believe that spontaneous combustion is actually possible, right here, right now…

the kind of flash that rises inside you, hot, like you have your own personal sun and seemingly won’t go away even if you are eating ice cubes so fast your brain hurts.

A friend of mine recently let me know how horribly she was suffering, so I sent her an email asking ‘Do you want to talk about your HOT FLASHES? 

Since I’m not talking about hers, I’ll tell you about mine.
hot-flashesI was having them soooo bad about 5 months ago.

They were actually

B R E A T H – T A K I N G

…and not in the way Glacier National Park is breath-taking.

They were especially suffocating when they happened while I was teaching yoga.  

You see, I teach hot yoga. Not Bikram Hot Yoga, but my studio is still a warm 93 degrees.  

If you have ever experienced one, then you know it’s like someone is lighting a fire from inside your body…sometimes…your voice stops working and then…panic…part of your mind races with the crazy belief it’s not going to stop…but it does and you hope and pray that is the last one.

Now…here’s the best part…

I almost never have them anymore and I don’t use any hormone replacement therapy.   


Because I stay on a specific nourishment protocol.  

If I don’t get the nourishment I need, I will get a little flare that reminds to take better care of myself.  I jump right back on board and they subside within the day or so.

I’m not saying that I have your answer, I am sharing mine and maybe, you can use it.


This is the nourishment that has worked for me…

  • Rest – not playing Bubble Wrap to unwind…engage in real active rest, no technology (see stress management below)
  • Seaweed – every day.  Seaweed Salad is delicious!!! I eat those toasted seaweed snacks, called Seaweed Tangles
  • Good Fats – 1 Avocado every day, our brains and lady parts do so much better with healthy fats
  • No Sugar (hard sometimes, but absolutely doable)
  • I use Grey Sea Salt for trace minerals
  • Adequate clean and complete Protein
  • Sleep 7+ hours; 8 is even better (no more late night Facebook or research for me)
  • Super Foods – Maca and Cacao at least 3 times a week
  • Stress Management – all of the above will help you manage your stress, but you will need to engage in active rest.  Take up mediation, sit outside with a box of crayons and color, take a bath, or go lay in the grass and look for famous people in the clouds. (get more nourishing self-care tips here)
  • Channel Cleopatra – indulge in your favorite essential oils, I particularly like Lavender…for just about everything.
Most of all, don't panic and keep a sense of humor

Most of all, don’t panic & keep a sense of humor!

*by every day, I mean 5-6 days a week.  We shouldn’t have the same food day in and day out.

Tell me…
What have you noticed about your hot flashes? 

What have you tried that works?