What do Vicodin, Zocor and Lipitor have in common?

Have you ever noticed how many of your conversations revolve around health, aches, pains and medications?

Whenever I get together with friends, somehow, we always have a conversation about health.

At a recent dinner party, a friend was asking some really great questions. Then he asked one question that I thought was fabulous.

He asked, “So what do you think about Ambien?”

A hush settled over the party and everyone tuned in thinking I just might go ballistic on pharmaceuticals.

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 2.45.26 PMFor most holistic health practitioners, this can be a challenging question, one that raises our ire and sparks our passion.

But when it comes down to it, it isn’t Ambien that bothers me. It isn’t even Vicodin, Zocor and Lipitor that bother me.

Here’s the thing they all have in common, these drugs work as designed. They work incredibly well to manage a bothersome symptoms of dis-ease. That can be a good thing.

What really bother’s me, and most likely every single holistic practitioner, is that these drugs manage symptoms only. They actually can, and often will, do more harm than good because they mask the underlying cause.

Medical science is learning that inflammation is at the root of all disease. Every single one, even Insomnia.

Inflammation is the body’s healing response to stress, bad nutrition, toxins, pathogens, parasites, bacteria, injury and virus. Chronic inflammation is the cumulative response to prolonged over exposure to all that crap.

In other words, disease is the sum of the parts.

The simple supposition then is, stop inflammation, stop disease, and begin to heal. When the body heals, the symptom goes away.


But how?

The primary way to decrease inflammation it to increase nutrition. Give your body the building blocks it needs to repair.

Number 1 – Eat More Whole Foods

Take a look at what you are eating. If it comes with a nutritional label, there is a good chance it is processed in some way. See how many more vegetables you can eat daily.

Choose the highest quality available. Look for these words, local, organic, non GMO, free range, grass feed and finished, no hormone or antibiotics added.

Number 2 – Sleep

Your body repairs, restores and reorganizes when you sleep. Just like babies will stop growing and get sick if they don’t get adequate sleep,  sleep deprivation decreases your cellular function.

For my best radiant rest I use essential oils. I diffuse blends (synergies) that ground and calm and soothing and calming Lavender Essential Oil and generally apply the soles of my feel, my belly, the back of my neck.

Number 3 – Stay Hydrated

Hydrated cells are more supple and resilient to infection by virus.

I really enjoy plain H2O, but sometimes, I like to a a drop add essential oil to glass of water for flavor and variety. You can also add lemon slices and organic cucumber peels for a Spa-like touch.

Number 4 – Supplement

Let’s face it, very few of us, me included, eat 100% perfect food perfectly combined 100% of the time.

It is a fact that our food, even our beautiful local and organic food, when we can get it, is not as nourishing as it was 20 years ago.

On top of that, most of us are walking around with impaired digestion so we can’t absorb all the nutrients. Combine all that with busy schedules, getting all our nutrients through our food is hard and nearly impossible.

One primary reason that I enjoy such vibrant health despite my very human attraction to sugar, aka Devil Dope, is that I pump up my whole food and juicing lifestyle with supplements. I used supplements to recover, restore and repair my very sick and toxic body because my digestive system didn’t work well.


What to look for in a supplement?

Quality supplements will be naturally derived and whole food based. They contain the vitamin, not vitamin isolates.

The majority of the supplements you find on the shelves are full of artificial preservatives, sugars and synthetic isolated vitamin constituents. They are hard on you liver and kidneys.

Did you know that your body cannot process synthesized vitamins? That’s why you get yellow, stinky pee.

Your body will absorb 80 to 90% of a whole food based supplement!!!


Which do I use and recommend?

Send me an email for information on my recommendations.


What to remember about this article…

  • Pharmaceutical drugs are designed to alleviate symptoms only.
  • Pharmaceutical drugs have negative side effects, always.
  • Pharmaceutical drugs mask the underlying cause of the symptom.
  • Inflammation is the root cause of all disease.
  • Proper nutrition will decrease inflammation.


Tell me Beautiful…

What symptoms are you experiencing that you think would be better if you treated your body to better nourishment?







  1. This is a great article Rommy. If only more people where aware that the symptoms they are treating with pharmaceuticals were only doing just that, treating the symptoms. The key is definitely in treating the root of the symptoms, not the symptoms alone. Thanks for passing on this great advice

  2. I loved how you laid out this article, calmly and informatively explaining the why’s and hows of many disease and lifestyle imbalances. This is great educational information that most people need to hear to understand the connection of how inflammation creates symptoms. And offering other options and quality products gives people a choice to take back control of their lives. Thanks Rommy!

  3. I would give you a kiss, but my Lipitor. (An old Gerry House joke)

  4. Awesome points! Hhaha, I can totally relate to being the one everyone looks at afraid of what I’m going to say. Prevention is spreading wildly and I’m SO happy about that, whoop! 🙂

  5. Agreed and people need to know what you are saying. SO afraid of the side effects of drugs but people going on long term drugs that they don’t need to be going on if they just treated their bodies the way they were supposed to is crazy! Thanks for this Rommy!

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