Simple Strategy to Stay Healthy

Just because everyone else in the house or at work has the crud doesn’t mean that you have to join them in their misery. To be honest, staying well when everyone around you is sick is a totally doable if you know what to do. 

Over the Christmas holidays, my house seemed to be ground zero… 

One daughter came home with a cough and sore throat, the other daughter complained of fatigue and sore throat, my nephew actually had strep and my hubby…my poor hubby was the sickest he has ever been in his adult life.

And I…well I managed to stay healthy using this simple strategy. [Read more…]

Juicing Made Easy, 10 Time Saving Tips

Juicing is a wonderful way to flood your body with nutrients. 

During the Spring, Summer and Autumn months, I like to start my day with a home made juice because it’s a great way to load up on vital and easily available nutrients. Because it is easy on the digestive system it increases energy.


Juicing is the ultimate adventure for your taste buds. From day to day and week to week, vegetables and fruit have different taste depending on their growing environment, freshness and storage.

Use these 10 tips and after a few days you may find it a decidedly decadent way to nourish yourself.  To me, it’s the ultimate decadent drink and morning meal in under 10 minutes!!! [Read more…]