Juicing Made Easy, 10 Time Saving Tips

Juicing is a wonderful way to flood your body with nutrients. 

During the Spring, Summer and Autumn months, I like to start my day with a home made juice because it’s a great way to load up on vital and easily available nutrients. Because it is easy on the digestive system it increases energy.


Juicing is the ultimate adventure for your taste buds. From day to day and week to week, vegetables and fruit have different taste depending on their growing environment, freshness and storage.

Use these 10 tips and after a few days you may find it a decidedly decadent way to nourish yourself.  To me, it’s the ultimate decadent drink and morning meal in under 10 minutes!!!


10 Time Saving Tips

  • Use a juicer that meets your needs and fits your budget. 
    courtesy of men's fitness

    courtesy of men’s fitness

    I got my first juicer from Ron Popeil years ago.  I’ve owned 2 Breville Ikons, I really liked them and best of all, I used a 20% coupon when I purchased it from a big box store.. Now, I have the Harom slow juicer that suits my needs. Choose one that you will use.

  • Use organic vegetables when possible.  Join your local CSA for local produce!
  • Wash all produce when you bring it home
  • Bag it and Grab it – Plan 5 days of juices, use vegetable bags or storage containers for each juice. 
  • Use a plastic bag in the hopper for easy clean up if you DO NOT plan to make soups or stocks from the pulp.  The pulp is Composter’s Gold, so if you know a gardener, offer it to them.
  • Read the book that comes with your juicer.  This will help you get the most juice from your veggies.
  • Brace your greens, like spinach, cilantro and dandelion, with celery – this prevents them mashing down into a great big green goop that will burn your juicer’s motor out.  Caution, it’s important to avoid forcing greens through your juicer, pulse the pressure you use with your plunger.
  • Rinse juicer under the hottest water possible immediately after juicing.  If you let it sit, it will be very difficult and time consuming to wash.
  • Store your juicer and parts in an easy to access place.  Perhaps in the space your coffee maker once sat.
  • Drink your juice as soon as you can, within 30 minutes is optimal.

Bonus Tip

Be a Scrap Saver – as you prepare other meals, vegetable scraps can be saved and juiced the next day


What to do if hunger strikes…
If you are finding that you are hungry or feeling dissatisfied with your juice, experiment with adding a splash of oil.  I favor organic olive or coconut oils.  Or make a smoothie with your juice, add half an avocado and blend briefly, under 1 minute.

Experiment and have fun!!!  Juicing is a great way to start your day with intense nutrition.


Tell me…

Do you have a juicing tip that will make it even easier? What is your favorite combination?

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