Healthy Legacy – Part 2, Reduce Your Toxic Load

Shockingly, for most Westerners, the most toxic part of our day is before we eat breakfast, during our morning shower. [Read more…]

Is your Thyroid 1 in 20,000,000?

I just found out that…

more than 20 million Americans are diagnosed with Thyroid Disease!

That’s an astounding number, isn’t it?

I started looking into because so many of my friends, students and clients ask me about the thyroid.  It seems that everyday, someone either stops me, calls me, or emails me with questions about their thyroid.

Here’s a number even more startling…up to 60 percent of those with a thyroid disorder are UNAWARE anything is wrong.  They are medicating themselves with things like sugar, coffee and energy drinks, over the counter sleep aids, cough drops and laxatives to manage their symptoms.

It’s creating a vicious cycle all because they don’t know what the thyroid does, how to help it function better or if is even important.  Truth is…I didn’t know either!

I started digging. In a nutshell, this is what I found… [Read more…]