Healthy Legacy – Part 2, Reduce Your Toxic Load

Shockingly, for most Westerners, the most toxic part of our day is before we eat breakfast, during our morning shower.


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When we shower, we use municipal water that is loaded with chemicals to make the water “safe” for drinking.

We slide into a nice hot shower and our skin pores open wide and say “ahh” to things like chlorine, herbicides, pesticides and pharmaceutical drugs.  On top of that, we use synthetic, toxic chemicals in our hair care, skin care and even our dental products.

Then adding insult to injury, we climb into our car or onto a train for the morning commute and once more we are bombarded by chemicals.

It’s enough to make you want to stay under the covers because…

Many of the chemicals we breathe in and slather on can not be recognized or metabolized by our body.  Unchecked, this can lead to Toxic Burden.


A key factor in reaching optimal health, longevity and weight control is prevention by not doing the unhealthy things.  On a physical level, this includes reducing our toxic load in order to support optimal immunity, organ health and cellular function so that we are more resilient to stress and inflammation.

The three easiest areas to reduce daily toxins are

food, personal care and cleaning products.


When it comes to food, think CLEAN.

It’s great to eat right, begin now to upgrade your food choices. Look for…

  • Grass Fed, Grass Finished – the only way you can get better is if you raise your own herd.
  • No Hormone or Anti-biotics – there is a saying, you are what you eat eats.  Some scientists think that rampant hormone use is what is causing such high numbers of reproductive disorders, like man boobs and early onset puberty.
  • Organic, Non-GMO and Local – check out your local farmers market, join a CSA or even grow your own.

When it comes to skin and hair care, think FREE.

  • Remove toxic skin and hair care products from your home.
  • Look for and choose products that are free of the chemicals listed in the image at the top.  I use a fluoride free, essential oil based toothpaste, skin and hair care.
  • Subscribe to EWG, Environment Working Group, newsletter. This is a secret weapon for reducing daily toxic burden.

When it comes cleaning the house, think GREEN.

All it takes is a few simple items and spectacular essential oils and you will have the cleanest, best smelling and healthiest home on the block.

Eco-friendly natural cleaners. Vinegar baking soda salt lemon and essential oil. Homemade green cleaning on white background.

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Because I’ve used essential oils since 2005 for my health, skin, and home care, I only use and recommend pure, certified, and therapeutic essential oils.  Send me an email to get my Easy DIY NON Toxic Home Care Recipe Tip Sheet


Leaving a healthy legacy is more important than having a healthy legacy.

Make an intention to leave a healthy legacy, regardless of the legacy passed to you.  Because as we build a legacy for optimal health, through our actions we become healthier by modeling healthy choices for our family, children and community.  We can actually undo and allow the body to restore a great deal of wellness just by changing our actions.

There are three fundamental steps for creating a healthier, more vibrant you so you will have a healthy legacy.

  • Remember, the foundation of optimal health and wellness begins with the food we eat.
  • Proper food, aka fuel, for our body allows us to let go of insane, grueling workouts so we can exercise appropriately, in order to maintain a healthy weight.
  • The essential key to anti-aging, longevity and vitality is appropriate sleep and rest.  It is when we sleep that our cells repair, our energy restores and our organs rejuvenate.

The forth step, reducing your toxic load, is a powerful way to change the world because you are showing your family, children and friends a gentler, more effective and sustainable way to live.

Tell me…

What simple, easy action will you take this week to reduce your toxic load?


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