A Healthy Legacy

We all have a legacy. In fact, we have several. When we go the our medical providers, we give them our health history and the legacy of health handed down to us.  When we create a family of our own, we bring traditions, beliefs and habits that are from our family and heritage, that’s legacy. We each have been given spiritual legacy, emotional legacy, physical legacy and even financial legacy.

Sometimes, legacy is wonderful and we are really proud of it, like me in the case of my military legacy. Sometimes, legacy is scary and causes us fear and worry, especially when it is health related.

When it comes to your health legacy, things like diabetes, obesity, depression, high blood pressure, and cancer tend to stand out, cause a great deal of stress and get lots of attention. But, did you know that while these conditions may be part of your health legacy, they do not have to be a part of your future. They certainly don’t have to be part of your children’s health legacy.

You’ve probably heard the adage, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’.

Those 10 words can have a positive impact on your health.

Prevention is key to changing your health, it is the foundational to radiant optimal wellness.




6 Foundational Steps For Prevention


Sometimes I day dream about having my own personal chef to create the foods I need at the time I need them, to me, that would make life so much simpler!

Eating right can be a challenge.  Bread may not upset your tummy, but may your husbands.  Grains may help your sister rock her marathon but you get headaches and hot flashes. Dairy may give you zits but your neighbor thrives on it.  And sugar…well absolutely none of us are any better with it and it makes all of us look older,  just give it up to be your radiant best.

How can you eat right when you don’t even know if you can trust your food?

  1. Avoid fast food like the plague!
  2. Eat more foods that  look like it came out of the ground, off a vine or a tree.
  3. Eat fewer things that come with an expiration label because it’s not ‘real’ food.

Even though we are 99.9% alike, that .1% will make all the difference in your health. Eat for to support your body, not a dogma or philosophy or belief system, so that you can experience optimal wellness.


As a yogi, I do believe that yoga is good for everyone. But…not everyone should do the same yoga. 

Not everyone should run. 

Not everyone should lift weights.

Find a fitness pursuit that you love. One that makes you happy you did it. One that your body craves. 

I have a few public yoga videos, click here to check them out.


Are you a person that brags about how little sleep you get?  Do you brag that you can stay up until the wee hours of the morning and still be chipper the next day?

When I was in my 20’s I could stay out all night long, not sleep and still feel great the next day.  I thought beauty sleep was over rated. Now, solidly in my 40’s, I can tell it makes a huge difference.

Sleep is when our body heals and rejuvenates.  (did you see that…rejuvenate actually means make young)  Without sleep, we become grumpy, our immune system is challenged and it is harder to make sound choices. 


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