Simple, Immune Boosting & Skin Nourishing Detox Tip

You know how when the weather changes, and your skin gets drab, ashy and flaky?

Do you know why that happens? Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 5.35.36 PM

General wisdom says it’s because that air forced through the vents is dry. Dry air moving across the skin dries it in the same way that air moving across a lake causes evaporation.

Makes sense, right? It did to me until I started studying alternative health care like Ayurveda and nutrition. The explanation is true, at least partially.


There is a more colorful story than that…


According to Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, our bodies move in concert with nature. Like it or not, our bodies experience weather changes, changes with the moon and sun cycles and changes of the seasons.

Take a moment, think about how stiff you felt last time there was a dramatic change in temperature or the restless energy you had on that sleepless full moon night.

That was your body responding to the cycles and shifts of nature. Your body is it’s own ecosystem within the greater ecosystem of nature.


To get a better idea of what is happening, let’s take a basic look at what nature does as she swings, shifts and slides from season to season. (science geek warning – this is a major over simplification!)

As summer becomes autumn, nature begins to let go of her green. The leaves dry and fall away.

Autumn’s wind blows the leaves until they blanket the ground spreading future nourishment.

Winter’s cold, damp days break down the leaves creating new soil.

Spring pulls the nutrients up to create buds, flowers, and seeds.

Spring blossoms float away to reveal summer’s supple bounty of fruits and vegetables.


Start to think of your body as an ecosystem with rhythms that flow in harmony with nature.


Think of it this way, if the atmosphere is the biggest organ of nature, then your skin is the largest organ of your personal ecosystem.

The big difference is that we tend to protect ourselves, our skin, from the elements of blowing wind, bitter cold and intense heat. The trick, then, is for us to stay in harmony with the cycles of nature so we can enjoy optimal health or even regain lost health.

The flaky, dry, and ashy skin needs to be sloughed off. The longer we experience life, the less we our skin naturally releases the dried dead skin cells.

This one, simple, and ancient tip will help your skin look more radiant, luscious. It will boost your immunity and cellular turnover, perhaps even help get rid of cellulite.


Dry (Skin) Brushing

Skin brush for supple healthy skin.

Skin brush for supple healthy skin.


Your lymph system lives under the surface of your skin. It is responsible for cleaning the body of toxins and transporting white blood cells. You have more lymph fluid in your body than blood, but it doesn’t have a pump.

Because your lymph channels are thinner than a hair, to manipulate your lymph system, use a gentle touch and a soft brush.

Though it may sound weird, skin brushing is an ancient technique, used in many cultures for hygiene and optimal health.

Here’s how…

First, get a skin brush. I use the brushes in the picture. I took the handles off the softest back brushes I could find. You don’t need two brushes, I just like having one in each hand, one brush is all you need.

  • Remember that your lymph channels are very thin, use a light, soft touch.
  • Using a dry brush on dry skin, start at the top of your body, the neck.
  • Brush the palms of your hands, the inside and outside of your arms.
  • Be sure to brush your arm pits as well, (lots of luscious lymph nodes there).
  • You can gently brush your breasts in circular direction, but be sure to avoid the nipples.
  • Always brush towards your heart. Brush every bit of skin you can reach, remembering to move towards the heart.
  • When you get below the heart, move the brush in an upwards direction.
  • On your belly, move in a clockwise direction.
  • Spend a little extra time on those areas that look stagnate or have a bit more cellulite.
  • Then take a wonderful shower or detox bath.
  • Drink lots of water!


How often and when to Dry Brush?

At the minimum, with every change of season.

At the beginning, middle, and end of every cleanse or detox.

If you want to boost your immunity, at least once a month. Choose to do it around the moon cycles, like every full or new moon.

If you want more radiant, supple skin, once a week.


Benefits my clients see…

  • Increased immunity. (oo-la-la! healthy is the new sexy!)
  • Decreased appearance of cellulite. (who doesn’t want that)
  • Increase appreciation for your body beautiful, your soul house. (what you appreciate, appreciates)
  • Decreased stress. (you can be radically radiant)
  • Supple younger looking skin. (without toxic chemical creams)


My personal tip…

I learned from Nadine Artemis, holistic natural skin guru, to put a drop of essential oil in the palm of my hand and run the brush through it before starting.

This takes the dry skin brushing in the realms of an artful self care ritual.

I like to use, Lavender and Frankincense primarily, but will sometimes use Sandalwood, Bergomot or Ylang Ylang depending on my mood.


Tell me…

What is your favorite skin care ritual?










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    level out in an accompanying editorial.

    Some individuals suppose sugar “causes” diabetes. Nevertheless, because
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    A excessive HbA1c stage signifies that your blood glucose
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    When you experience signs like heavy bleeding or
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    Laparoscopic fibroid removing is less invasive than abdominal myomectomy, and makes use
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    If the surgeon could be very nicely skilled, then the laparoscopy is good for the fibroid elimination.

    1.1, Surgical procedure to take out simply my fibroids will
    remedy my drawback. They may prescribe remedy known as gonadotropin releasing hormone analogues (GnRHas) to assist
    shrink your fibroids. Leaving the ovaries intact if they’re healthy, a
    hysterectomy does not should imply early menopause.

    MRgFUS is a non-invasive process that uses excessive-intensity
    ultrasound waves to heat and destroy (ablate) uterine fibroids.
    An IUD (intrauterine gadget) referred to as Mirena® contains a small quantity
    of progesterone-like medication, which can be used
    to manage heavy bleeding as well as for contraception.

    Performing fibroid removal alone (a myomectomy), versus removing the
    uterus (hysterectomy), when fertility is now not potential will increase the dangers to the patient.
    In both situations, the fibroids can differ in dimension from as small
    as an apple seed to a very giant progress.

    Other common procedures to take away fibroids include an open myomectomy,
    which requires both making a horizontal incision above the general public pubic bone
    or a vertical incision from slightly below
    the navel to the pubic bone, and a laparoscopic or robotic myomectomy, which are minimally invasive procedures that may remove fibroids
    on stalks or from the outside the uterus.

  5. eleven Symptoms Of Fibroids

    Uterine fibroids are noncancerous growths inside the uterus that
    always appear throughout childbearing years and affect as many as three out of four women.

    These therapy strategies can’t be used to treat all sorts of
    fibroids, and the lengthy-term advantages and dangers are unknown.
    Small particles (embolic agents) are injected into
    the arteries supplying the uterus, cutting off blood flow to fibroids,
    inflicting them to shrink and die.

    During the first trimester of being pregnant, a couple of
    third of fibroids will enlarge and then shrink after the
    beginning. A hysteroscopic resection of fibroids is a procedure where a skinny telescope (hysteroscope) and small
    surgical devices are used to take away fibroids.

    Genetic abnormalities, alterations in progress issue
    (proteins formed in the physique that direct the rate and extent of cell proliferation)
    expression, abnormalities in the vascular (blood vessel) system,
    and tissue response to injury have all been recommended to play a task within the growth of fibroids.

    This nonhormonal treatment is taken to ease heavy menstrual periods.
    Research are underway to judge the long-term outcomes of UAE as opposed to surgical remedy.
    Consuming loads of green greens appears to guard girls from growing fibroids.

    Different hormones play a role in the development of uterine fibroids as nicely,
    including prolactin, parathyroid hormone, insulin progress factor, and pituitary development

    Warmth is delivered through the probe, destroying and shrinking fibroid tissue.
    As an outpatient process, doctors perform ExAblate in a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner,
    which allows the doctor to see” inside of the physique and goal the uterine fibroids with HIFU.

  6. A Physician’s Information To A Natural Cure By Allan Warshowsky, Elena Oumano

    Chinese Medicine for Fibroids Practitioners of Chinese
    language medicine attribute uterine fibroids to an over-accumulation of Blood within the uterus…
    Then will see if my fibroids will get greater or not.
    Fibroids could develop slowly as a single tiny lump or as a cluster, fluctuate in dimension from 1 mm to greater than 20
    cm (eight inches) in diameter or more. Castor Oil Packs are an historic therapy that
    helps to cleanse and heal the physique the place they’re positioned.

    Wholesome circulation ensures healthy natural cleansing
    of the physique as nicely. Fibroids can cause longer menstrual period than normal menstrual period (which is 8 days).
    Because the liver deactivates estrogen you will need to hold it performing at optimum levels.

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    In keeping with estimation, over 30% girls expertise fibroids during being
    pregnant. One of the other pure treatments for
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    Therefore I recommend EstroClear which is designed to cut back and stability excess estrogen
    and promote healing of estrogen dependant and non-estrogen dependant growths.
    Deborah – On Dr. M. Sircus’ website I recall that he mentioned that Lugol’ s Iodine would tremendously affect
    the decline of fibroids in women.

  7. Causes, Signs, And Remedy

    Psoriasis sometimes causes patches of skin which are dry,
     pink and lined in silver scales. A person with PPP will develop large, yellow pustules in
    the fleshy areas of their fingers and ft. Generalised pustular psoriasis must be distinguished from a localised form of pustular
    psoriasis known as palmoplantar pustulosis (PPP). Sufferers will normally
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    Metabolic syndrome is the mixture of weight problems,
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    Caution ought to be utilized in beginning and stopping these agents in a single affected person, as neutralizing
    antibodies can develop when used on this capability, thus rendering a drugs not
    useful. Fluid and electrolye imbalance and peripheral edema from detrimental nitrogen stability by way of protein loss because of skin exfoliation also can occur and should be handled.

    The purple or darkened pores and skin across the pustules is commonly thick and flaky, and is commonly susceptible to cracking.
    In a consanguineous Tunisian family segregating autosomal recessive generalized pustular
    psoriasis, Marrakchi et al. (2011) genotyped chromosomal markers and identified an 11-Mb region of
    homozygosity on chromosome 2q13-q14.

    Kamarashev J, Lor P, Forster A, et al ; Generalised pustular psoriasis
    induced by cyclosporin a withdrawal responding to the tumour
    necrosis factor alpha inhibitor etanercept.
    Moreover, it may be accompanied by redness, scaling, dryness and cracking
    of the affected space, which causes ache and
    limits motion.

  8. 7 Meals For Shrinking Fibroids Naturally

    Fibroids are non-cancerous growths of the womb (uterus).

    Uterine fibroids best meals to eat to drop pounds Senapati and Dr.

    Vasopressin is a naturally occurring hormone that may cause vascular spasm and uterine muscle contraction, and therefore has the potential to prevent bleeding throughout
    uterine surgical procedure.

    Your liver naturally eliminates toxins and it’s worthwhile to eat in a way
    that allows it to effectively purge extra estrogen Glutathione-heavy vegetables resembling avocados, carrots,
    broccoli, spinach, apples, asparagus, and melon be fibroids ought to ivf for achievement removed great, natural liver

    In addition they cut back heavy bleeding and may protect towards
    uterine and ovarian cancers. Sure poses, such because the Bharadvajasana (Seated Side Twist), might be really helpful in treatment
    of uterine fibroids. Mifepristone is an anti-hormonal agent that will help stop or
    sluggish the expansion of fibroids.

    Tiny particles are released and the blood movement to the uterus is reduce off, inflicting the fibroids to shrink.

    It is believed that estrogen and progesterone, two feminine hormones,
    could cause a rise in fibroid progress. It is anti-inflammatory and anti-nausea results makes purple raspberry a
    powerful herb for menstrual issues.

    Yoga additionally helps you reside in the present and calmly undergo life with focus.
    I will drink blackstrap molasses as they’re said to shrink fibroids.
    A round fibroid most often throughout the uterine wall
    which can cause enlargement of the uterus as they grow.

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