The question I get asked most often is….

What do you eat every day?

It’s a good question, it really is.  It’s a good question because when you are trying to get in shape, lose weight, increase your energy and feel younger, you want to know what works for people who have done it.  It just makes sense to take advice from someone that has the results you want, right?

You see, 6 years ago, I weighed 30-40 pounds more than I do today and I was three sizes larger.  Six years ago, I was sick more days than I was well, I had no energy, couldn’t sleep through the night, and I was debilitated by Migraine and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Disorder.  I was addicted to sugar, coffee and pity parties, because at the time…well, I felt my life sucked.

All that has changed for me…

Today, my energy levels are generally through the roof and when they’re not, I have sustainable energy.  I know that when I walk into my closet, I can wear anything I want.  I’ve maintained a 40 pound weight loss for 5 years.  My body is more toned, supple and capable than when I was in my 20’s.  I also get lots of compliments on my skin.

So it just makes sense that people ask me what I eat every day.  But this question is truly not the best question and I really don’t like answering it.

Here’s why…

We all know there are some basic universal guidelines to creating a healthy body.  Like sugar is deadly, caffeine is not only addictive it’s hard on the kidneys, and vegetables are fabulous, right?  But there are differences for each and every one of us.  AND that’s why there is so much confusion in the nutrition world.

Two sisters can do the very same ‘diet’ and have very different results.  One sister may lose 20 pounds and the other suffer through a restrictive diet and not lose a pound, she may even gain weight.

You see, our bodies are bio-individual.  That means our life experience has as much to do with how we process food as the food we are eating.  Our inner ecosystems are different and constantly changing in response to our lifestyle and the stress we put it through.

Here’s how…

Say sister one, let’s call her Molly, was often sick as a child and was given lots of antibiotics and she developed belly, and later menstrual, difficulty.  While sister two, Jennifer, was very healthy, had perfect attendance at school and spent most of her time outside.  They have the same parents, they ate the same food and shared most life experiences.

What’s different?

The difference may be that Molly’s body can not efficiently digest the foods that make Jennifer’s body healthy.  Her immune system is weakened by the constant challenge to digest so she gets sick.  Molly’s immune system is further challenged by the well intentioned antibiotics that kill what little digestive ability she does have.  She gets well but her body still struggles to process the same food that Jennifer’s body easily processes.  Molly gets sick again.

This creates an inner ecosystem for Molly that is fragile and needs support.  Jennifer’s body is thriving on the family’s meals.  This isn’t Molly’s fault, it’s her body trying to correct when given incorrect nourishment.

Flash forward 20 years…

Molly and Jennifer decide they will cheer each other on through the diet they saw on Dr. Oz.  Jennifer wants to lose 15 pounds and Molly wants to lose 10.

Week one goes by and they are excited, it’s difficult but doable.  They are cheering each other on, talking every day, following the ‘diet’ to the letter.  They both lose a little and feel validated…they are on to something!

Week two and Jennifer is experiencing gas, bloating and constipation, her energy level is low.  But Molly is loving it!  Her energy has increased, she has a glow in her eye and her skin looks fabulous.  Molly is now down a healthy 2 pounds but Jennifer seems to have stalled…really she gained but didn’t want to tell her sister.

Week three comes and goes and Molly can’t believe how good she feels.  She really doesn’t understand why Jennifer, the healthy one is having headaches, crying jags and came down with the flu.  Jennifer tells Molly the diet doesn’t work but Molly can see for herself that it does.

Week four, Molly is down 6 pounds and feels great but Jennifer quit last week.

What happened?

The ‘diet’ was more suitable to Molly’s body than it was to Jennifer’s.  Jennifer’s body needed different nutrient sources.

That’s why I don’t like to tell people what I eat every day.  The food that works really well for me, may not work for you.  In fact, it just may work against you.  I work very closely with my clients to help them find their optimal food plan.  I can’t tell you what I eat daily, but I can give you my 5 universal food principles that I share with my clients.

5 Universal Food Principles

  • Eliminate Sugar – it isn’t a food, it is highly addictive and it FEEDS cancer
  • Eat as many fresh vegetables as you can in a day.  Let your plate be 80% vegetables.  If you don’t have fresh, use frozen.
  • Chew your food well.  Chew it until it is liquid.  Your body will be able to process it more easily and here’s a bonus, you will feel more satisfied.
  • Drink plenty of H2Obviously better skin aka water.  Too often we mistake thirst for hunger.
  • Add fermented vegetables to your diet.  Fermented vegetables are things like sour kraut (not vinegar based), Kim Chee and cultured vegetables.  These fabulously tart veggies are great for your digestion.


Tell me…

What do you think is holding you back from feeling great and enjoying the body your soul lives in?

Which of these 5 Universal Food Principles will you focus on this week?

Do you know the foods that are right for your body?



  1. Adding in the Kim Chee. I have some at the beach club and haven’t opened it yet. We fought over pickles yesterday so I must be craving it! Also had a yummy kombucha. Chewing is another good one for me as it will/can slow down my eating and make me more mindful too. Thanks Rommy!! Great tips!

  2. I like your new website Rommy. I loved what you had to say. Everyone is different…one persons treasure is another’s poison. It is sad to see people trying so hard to lose weight with no success. I need to work out religiously. Universal principles…I should be eating fermented foods rather than taking probiotics in a pill. I do know the right foods for my body….finally! Thanks Rommy.

    • Thank you Cathy! Fermented foods were a bit of a challenge for me, but when I learned they may help with radiant skin and cellulite I jumped in. LOL

  3. Adding fresh veggies = maxing out on Farmer Markets and what they have to offer!!

    • Yes Joelyn! Farmers Markets and CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture) are really great places to get your vegies. Thank you for posting!

  4. I like your suggestions. Those would be mine too.

  5. LOVE this article, Rommy!! I love how you refer to our “inner ecosystems” it makes so much sense! I started trying to actually listen to what my body naturally craves and have realized that I tend to pick around the meat in my meals so I stopped eating so much meat, as I felt my body telling me to cut back. I still need the protein so I’ve replaced the meat in one meal a day with lentils, quinoa, or any kind of yummy bean and I’ve lost 5lbs and have been able to maintain this healthy weight! I feel so much better and so does my tummy 🙂 So I feel like I’m one step closer in understanding my “inner ecosystem.” Now, I’ve gotta get in on juicing and eating more fermented veggies! Thanks for the info!

    • My pleasure Mia and thank you!!!
      That is FABULOUS info your body gave you! Kudos for listening and then acting on it.
      Thanks for posting your experience, I know it will inspire others. You made a small adjustment in your eating style and reaped a really big change.
      Have the best day ever!!!

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