How to set goals you want to achieve

Goal setting is something with which most of us have a lot of experience. BUT realizing our goals, well, that’s another thing altogether. 

There are 3 primary reasons why New Year’s Resolutions and goals tend to bomb.

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 11.02.05 AMThe number one reason goals and resolutions fail is that they are generally made from a place of guilt, shame or a sense of unworthiness.  For instance, the goal to lose weight is not only physical, it is emotional and full of shame.  The goal to get out of debt is not just financial, it is emotional and generally filled with guilt for having made decisions towards instant gratification. Every time we bring that goal into focus, we also bring the guilt or shame that precipitated the goal into focus. 

The second reason that goals and resolutions bomb is that achieving them is usually no fun. It is boring, mundane and takes longer than we expect.  Sure, you can lose 5 pounds in one week with my detox. It’s an intelligent jump start.  Keeping it off, though, requires you to employ the fundamental principles you learn at least 80% of the time.

It’s the same with all your goals. It isn’t the sweeping overnight change that will bring the long term success you desire.  If that worked, every one of the lottery winners would still be rich. Instead, it is the everyday habits you tend to ignore as unimportant that will bring you success.

Depressed yet?  Don’t be, knowing what is sabotaging you is like getting your hands on the opposing teams play book!  It’s a life hack!!!

The third reason goals and resolutions fail is that…they are ultimately simple and easy to reach.

Okay, I know you’re saying…it’s not simple to lose weight, float into a handstand or build a thriving business.  But it is. The steps to each of your goals are easy to take. The kicker is that they are just as easy NOT to take. 

It is just as easy to take a daily 10 minute walk as it is to not take a walk today. 

So how do you set a goal that you want to achieve?

You’ve got to have a good “WHY”.  Why do you want to lose weight, float to crow or build a thriving business?  Hint…it isn’t the number on the scale, the kudos from your yoga teacher or the deposits in your bank account.

Your “WHY” is rooted in feeling.  How will you feel when you walk into your closet and can pull out that super sexy dress, slide it on and step out for a great night? 

Focus on what you want to feel. Set your goal around that. Keep the feeling you desire in the forefront of your mind, not the number on the scale, the number of breaths you can hold Chaturanga, or the number in your bank account. 

Believe me, there are plenty of unhappy 120 pound size 4-ers, yogies with mad skills and incredibly rich people.

Give yourself a chance to feel into your desired result, choose to do at least one thing every single day that will bring you that experience. The super secret sauce is sticking with it.  Every time you get off track, stumble or fall, get back up.

You already know how to do started doing it when you were about 11 months old learning to walk and experience life on two feet.

Tell me…

What do you want to enjoy in your health, your relationships or your business?

What are 3 easy things you can do daily that will bring you to that experience?



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