Coconut Water find the best and leave the rest

I have been a huge fan of coconut water of the years.  I clearly remember first time I walked out of a Hot Yoga class, downed my very first coconut water, and felt ahhhh-mazing!

I drank and recommended Zico for about 3 years before other companies jumped on the bottled coconut water band wagon.  These days  I drink and recommend a different company for those of us that don’t live on a coconut plantation.  Actually, my daughter introduced me to it.

First though, you might wonder about the why & what of coconut water

from Harmless Harvest

from Harmless Harvest


It’s a great sports drink.


Sports drinks are really great synthetic chemical concoctions that are ultimately difficult for our organs to process.  While coconut water is easier to digest, has fewer calories, less sodium and more potassium. Studies show that coconut water replenishes the body better that plain water and as well as sports drinks.


Here’s a little taste test for you…

let your favorite sports drink get to room temperature and taste it.  Right away, you’ll notice the flavors of the chemicals, food coloring, and processed sugars. YUCK!

It is a natural remedy.


Like most plants, coconut water may even have medicinal properties.

Coconut Water has been used in tropical climates for health and vitality.  It’s incredibly more hydrating than water because of the natural vitamins and minerals.  In Jamaica they use it to support kidney function.  According to Ayurveda it promotes digestion and a clearing of the urinary path. Mariners used it during long journeys to stay healthy. During World War II and in remote regions it was used as an emergency intravenous hydration and resuscitation fluid.

Because it’s a tropical, I use it in my spring and summer detoxes to aid alkalization of the body and ease discomfort.

So which coconut water am I drinking these days?

photo-12While I truly prefer to pop a straw into a freshly opened green coconut in the tropics, like you, I make the best with what I have.  My coconut water of choice is called Harmless Harvest.

It’s deliciously thick, nutty, and sweet and so so good for you.

If you’re like me, when possible, you want to buy from a company that thinks about sustainability, the environment, as well as working conditions.  Check their website out, find out about the company and how the produce and package.

Next time your in your local whole food grocer, look for it in the refrigerate section!


Thanks to FoodBabe for her diligent research into the growing and bottling practices of coconut water, arguably the fastest growing segment in the beverage and health food industry. 


Tell me…

Do you drink coconut water? How do you use it?  Personally, I drink it straight up no ice.