EEW…what is THAT on my leg?

It has been a really long first six months of the year.

Recently, hubby and I got away to the beach for some needed alone time.  It was so nice to sit on the beach and enjoy the sun, sand and surf.

But one day, as I was walking back from the beach for a break I felt something clammy and wet on the back of my leg.

photo credit Jack Hackson via National Geographic

photo credit Jack Hackson via National Geographic

As I walked, I tried my best to gracefully wipe it away. It was right at the top of the leg, so you can imagine my concern about being rude in public. After two unsuccessful attempts, I decided I would retain my dignity, and walk the remaining 150 feet until I could investigate in private.

You see, as much as I love the ocean, the beach and the water, I’m still fearful of what may be lurking beneath the surface.

My mind began racing with thoughts that some wet sea creature had been attracted to the color of my swimsuit and attached itself to me, you know like a leach or something.

Then I noticed I felt the same thing at the top of the other leg as well.  Eew, what is that, I kind of wanted to throw up because of the thoughts in my head, I imagined sea slugs, sea cucumbers (video below, they exist!) and sea leaches!!!

As soon as I got onto the enclosed porch I whipped off my cover up and turned around to look at my reflection in the glass door. YIKES!!!

There was no sea cucumber type thing sticking to me. YAY!

Instead, my butt was sitting, actually sagging and drooping, right there at the top of my legs!

How did that happen?  Really I know, but here are my excuses, maybe you can relate…

You see in February my travel schedule got outrageously busy.  At the beginning, I was on top of my food, my sleep and my self-care, but…well, you know, I’m human and I started to slip.

Tortilla chips became my go to meal, my yoga practice slacked off, fresh produce rotted in my fridge and sleep, well, I just wasn’t getting enough.

Then to top it off my hubby had a true health crisis. He nearly died. And during his recovery, one of his friends sent him a case of Graeter’s Ice Cream!!! Yes, I ate it, AND I ate it from the tub…sigh. So, I could blame Stuart for it, but I wont, he’s a really great friend and one of the nicest guys.

FYI – Ice cream is a comfort food for me, my grand mother always had it and it just makes me feel safe, like when I lived with her when my dad was in Thailand.  You probably have a comfort food as well.

All of this made my stress levels rise.


You see, stress creates, gives birth to and enjoys the company of FAT. They are great pals and when you see one, the other one is really close by.

It’s the body’s way of taking over and dealing with stressful situations we can’t or won’t process. It goes back to the deepest part of our brain that is in charge of survival.  Once upon a time everything was about survival, and fat is one way the body protects against famine or disease.

And you know where your body stores stress fat…in the belly area of all places.  For my body type, the butt, hips and thighs. Now, that makes bathing suit season even more stressful. Oh, but wait, that’s not all, I looked down and saw something I hadn’t seen in a while, my very own muffin top.

The good news is that some strange ocean creature didn’t attach itself to me like I thought. AND my bathing suit didn’t shrink after all. I actually grew and now I’m ‘fluffy’.

The other truly powerful good news is that the body never, never ever lies.


It always reveals what we experience, and have or have not done. I’ve learned that watching for changes in your body, your energy level, skin, and face is a great way gaining information about your health.

Well, this one thing I know is that if you want something different, you’ve got to do something different.

  • I’m enjoying the fresh produce from my CSA, rotting produce will no longer be happening at the Kirby Kastle.
  • I started an new 90 Day Fitness and Nutrition Challenge called TERRAfit!  Join me on the next round.
  • …annnnnd for an added boost I’m even going to do another ‘slim and sassy’ wrap or two before I head to the beach with the family. I’ve done them in the past, and got some good results. They are different for the other wraps out there because they are non toxic and actually support the body to release rather than forcing the body(instructions coming soon)


Tell me…

What is your comfort food? Do you know why? 


WOW! the Sea Cucumber is just one big digestion organ!



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