Breaking Up Is Hard to Do – 6 Signs of Sugar Addiction

You know how when you’ve had it and

enough is enough

You’ve given an inch, and gosh darn-it, you lost an entire mile!

You know how when you’re ready, you’re already waaaay past ready and

want it over yesterday?

Well, that’s were I was!

I was so over it.

Done with the late afternoon whispers, the seductive promises before bed and the downright deceitful lies!

That’s right, I was breaking up.

It’s finished, done, no more. I wont be a slave to the yearnings any longer.

I was breaking up with Sugar! 


Hubby snapped this as I stepped out of the gelato shoppe!

Hubby snapped this as I stepped out of the gelato shoppe!

You see, when I was on my honeymoon, I ate Gelato every single day!!!

I loved it!

I yearned for it.

I even jostled like a rugby player in lines to get it.

Then I walked down sun drenched ancient streets in a romantic foreign land…

aware of nothing…

but the cone in my hand and

the taste on my tongue.

Sad, right?

Like that’s not bad enough…

I didn’t even want to share it with hubby. It was mine! All mine! The stuff made me crazy!

BUT….I thought everything would be okay when I got home.

There are no Gelato shoppes in my little town. I thought I would be home free.

Little did I know that the allure of sugar would follow me across the pond like Cuban stamp in a US passport.

I wasn’t home 24 hours before my mind started playing bargaining games and I caved.

I slunk my way to the ice cream aisle of the local grocer for a Haagan Dazs Hook Up.

That’s when I knew I was in a co-dependent relationship with sugar!


You see there is a shady side of sugar no one talks about. It’s as seductive as it is deadly.

Yes, sugar will kill you.


But you know what else?

It will

run your life,

disrupt you hormones and

make your organs age at lighting speed…especially your brain.

Sugar will ravage your skin and upset the balance in your tummy.


Sugar is abusive to our bodies.

My sugar cravings became so viscious I felt like I had no control.

“Hello, my name is Rommy and I’m addicted to sugar.”

AND physiologically, I didn’t have control over the cravings, so….

I went back to what I know and what I learned in nutrition school.

I took small daily steps to nourish my body.

By day three, I was no longer having cravings. On day five, I finally felt strong enough to go to the grocery store. I could even walk past the candy aisle without smelling and drooling!!!

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6 Signs of Sugar Addiction

1 – Carrying mints or gum in your purse. If you have bad breath or are worried about bad breath you may have an overgrowth of Candida, a yeast that feeds on sugar.

2 – Your tongue has a white film. This is also a sign of toxic Candida overgrowth.

3 – Brain fog. Sugar disrupts and slows down the brains optimal processes.

4 – Anxiety. Skipping or missing the habitual cookie or dessert makes you feel tense, nervous or shaky.

5 – Binging. You lose control and can’t stop at one bite.

6 – You have a Secret Sugar Stash. Or you hide the evidence of your daily sugar laden frappuccino and muffin.


Tell me…

Are you a slave to sugar? What is the one thing you know you can do right now that will help you detox from sugar?

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  1. Great reminder that we can all have food addictions- even health coaches. Sugar does not have a hold on me but better watch the potato chips if they are near by. I don’t seek them out but if they are around I just can’t help myself. I will remember your tips the next time the chips call me.

  2. Isn’t it funny how bad habits just sneak right back into one’s life.

  3. This is a perfect reminder with the holidays upon us! It is a lot easier to pass up that sugar cookie when you keep in mind that you very well may be opening Pandora’s box once that one cookie is in your mouth. So easily can the “just this one cookie” turn in to half the tray, but when we can remember that that sweet could easily result in a sugar hangover, not to mention the negative effects on our bodies that we can’t see, it becomes much less appealing. Thank you for sharing, this holiday season, I will be going toward the veggie trays and whole foods instead of the sugary landslide!

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