Back to School With Ease

Heading back to school is exciting!

There are new pencils, notebooks, pens and friends to make.  But for some, there is anxiety because of ‘performance’ issues.

Being able to focus during the school day plays an important role in how our children experience school.

If they are having difficulty focusing, chances are they are disrupting the class room, I did.  During the first grade, I was put in an isolation box to keep me from talking to my neighbors.  It was a big refrigerator box turned on end with only side cut away so I could not look around and see the rest of the class.



If they aren’t disruptive, which I learned not to be, they may be day dreaming, like I did.  Their teacher will ask them a question pulling them out of their reverie, and suddenly, their classmates will snicker because of the stammering and incorrect response.  That’s what happened to me and how I learned the skill of listening to two conversations at once. (this skill is really great if you want to be a spy, but generally kind of useless when you want to be fully engaged)

But focusing issues don’t stop when we grow up.

Recently, a friend of mine came home from university and shared with me how he had tried Adderall.  He told me he liked the way he could think clearly and focus, but didn’t like the way he felt. He knew I was into alternative things and asked if there was something I could recommend.  I gave him my focus blend of essential oils to try.  He didn’t like the smell, so I told him to put it on his feet then put his shoes and socks on.

Guess what?  He used it and was able to complete a research paper in one sitting with out irritability and jitters.  Now, it’s his go to when he wants to have better focus and improved creativity.

There is a better way, a safer, more natural way to achieve better focus.

Follow these steps if you want to get back to learning instead of back to struggling this fall.

First, eat to feed the brain.  Eat healthy fats. By mass, the brain is 60% fat. No fat and low fat diets and foods starve the brain.

Second, heal your gut. There are multiple neuro transmitters produced in our digestive tract.  Have you ever tried to really focus when your belly is upset? Pretty impossible, right?

Third, set yourself (or your child) up for success. Clear your environment of clutter and noise.  Turn off the TV. Instead, play music without lyrics.

Forth, use essential oils. Essential oils like lemon, lavender, lemongrass, peppermint, sandalwood and the focus blend mentioned in the video below support the brains ability to settle or calm for optimal processing and function.


Ready to think better? Send me an email, let me help you find your solution.


tell me…

Were you a day dreamer? Is your child struggling to engage in school? What have you done that works?