3 Simple Upgrades to Improve Your Diet

Originally Posted on February 4, 2013 [edited]


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Your body is pretty awesome!  It’s also as elegant in it’s simplicity as it is intriguing in its complexity. An absolutely lovely work of experiential art

It always responds perfectly…to whatever we give it. 

If we give it higher quality food and nourishment today than we did yesterday, on a continual basis, it will respond with increased energy and vitality, until we reach our optimal health. 

Here’s where ‘responds perfectly’ isn’t as glamorous as it sounds.  Because the same is true if we give it lower quality food.  It will respond with bloat, sinus drainage, stiff muscles and joints along with mental fog, energy dumps and fatigue.  Until eventually, we are in a constant state of decline into disease.

So…if overtime we continually give it higher and higher quality food and nourishment, it will give us greater vibrancy, increased energy and more radiant skin, eyes and hair.  It doesn’t have to be hard, just take baby steps to upgrade your health.

Commit to your health. Allow yourself to upgrade one step at a time so your lifestyle will support the long term results you desire.

Here are 3 Simple Upgrades you can make in your food choices…*

  • If the majority of your food comes in a crinkly wrapper or box, upgrade to canned food. 
  • If the majority of your food comes from cans, upgrade to frozen fruits and vegetables.
  • If the majority of your food comes from the freezer aisle, upgrade to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Bonus Upgrade – For every 3 meals that come from restaurants and drive thrus, upgrade to at least one additional home cooked meal a week.

*Choose Organic whenever available to you. 

Don’t be so hard on yourself.  Changing your lifestyle is the way you improve your health and get the results you want. 

Change, even desired change, is challenging and sometimes stressful.  Decide to do just one thing today that you know will move you towards the body and health you desire.

Tell me, comment below…what did you like best about this article?  What upgrade will you make today that will bring you one step closer to the result you want? What is the biggest challenge you face when you start a new health or fitness plan?


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Submitted by Keren (not verified) on
  • I love the upgrades you offered. Taking one step at a time and trying not to be so hard with ourselves!
Reply by Rommy Kirby on
  • Thank you, Keren! Being hard on ourselves is a symptom of overwhelm, right? When I start in on that, I know it’s time to get back to taking just one step at a time…life really isn’t a Hop Scotch game even though we play it like that.
Submitted by Shawne on
  • I believe I’m in category 3. I would love to upgrade to relying less and less on frozen foods. This week I plan on trying a new fresh vegetable that I normally don’t make! My biggest challenge is usually time management and fitting in the extra cooking time.
Reply by Rommy Kirby on
  • That is a wonderful plan Shawne! What are you going to make? My new vegetable this week was a Rutabaga. Wasn’t sure about it, it tasted close to a turnip, but I did like it. And, yeah, I get the time management with the extra cooking. I try to bulk prep as much as possible.
Submitted by Rachel Feldman  on
  • Such great advice
Reply by Rommy Kirby on
  • WOW! Thank you Rachel! Sooooo glad you stopped by!
Submitted by Aliza Chana Zaleon  on
  • I love your advice – impactful, yet direct and one step at a time approach makes things like big dietary changes seem not so big!
Reply by Rommy Kirby on
  • I agree, Aliza. I’ve struggled with sweeping changes and just ended up frustrated. One step at a time suits me, and my clients so much better! xo
Submitted by Marie Elizabeth  on
  • I love the concept of the ‘upgrade’. We can all apply it somewhere in our eating!
Reply by Rommy Kirby on
  • Thanks Marie! Traveling with my hubby has really opened my eyes to the value of ‘upgrades’.
Submitted by Richard Martinez  on
  • Awesome. I like the 3 simple upgrades 🙂
Reply by Rommy Kirby on
  • Thanks so much, Richard.
Submitted by Lucie Perkins on
  • Great advice from an amazing woman and Health Coach, Rommy it was a pleasure training with you. You are an inspiration. Lucie.
Reply by Rommy Kirby on

  • OH LUCY! Thank you so much! It is a blessing to be sharing this purpose with you!

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