3 Elegant Holiday Strategies

I love Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years! 

But these celebrations, long nights and short days can make for one really long, stressed out holiday season that can set us up for blues and flu. Bah-humbug and Yuck!

Because I know how brutal stress can be, the havoc it can wreak on your health, your skin, and your relationships so I want to share with you my Holiday Survival Kit.

First, there are 3 elegant strategies…Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 1.57.02 PM…that will help you enjoy this holiday season more, however you celebrate and what ever you do.

These are simple, easy, action steps.

But here’s the thing…they are just as easy not to do, okay, so you really must set an intention to keep it easy, do the easy and reap the benefits.



  • Stay Hydrated. You know I harp on this, I know I harp on this. For very good reason. Here’s what happened to me a few weeks when I let travel get the best of me and didn’t stay hydrated. I got a migraine…a full blown, throw my guts up, everything hurts migraine. Because I was so dehydrated, it took me a few days to fully recover.  Click here for my tips.
  • Get enough sleep. Seriously, sleep is important. There is truth in the term Beauty Sleep. Click here for my tips.
  • Lighten your load. Look at your to do list for today.  Chances are there is at least 1 thing you can take off. Delete it, scratch it off and don’t give it another thought. No one will ever know and if your mother finds out, she’ll forgive you.

Remember chronic stress adds pounds and inches to the waistline and it weakens our immune system.  Because of the added stress, we all need a little more support and self care this time of year.


Tell me…

What is your #1 tip to thriving during the holiday season?


  1. Getting enough sleep is a hard one for me this time of year. My favorite tip is remembering the breath, long deep breathing when it all feels overwhelming.

  2. Great tips on making it through the holidays in one peace! They are so important, easy, and like you said, easy to skip! I find that if I am not getting enough sleep I am probably about half as productive, spinning my wheels, yet sometimes I still struggle with getting all my “zzzz”‘s in. One thing I try to do over the holidays is make sure that I am still taking time for myself. It is really easy to get caught up in work, holiday festivities, and gift-giving. I find that it is invaluable for reducing stress.

    • Hi Cathy, you’re right…making our health and taking care of ourselves is such a strong way of reducing stress. Thanks for bringing that up, it’s so easy to get carried away and forget.

  3. CRAZY times. It can wipe anyone out. Thanks for the tips. xo

  4. A client and I were just talking today about lightening the load. All the stuff we collect over the Holidays in the various spaces of our homes – including emotions, being responsible for others, etc. Thanks for a great reminder to be “lighter” this Holiday season, which should include not planning too much. Let’s relax and enjoy one another.

  5. Great strategies and great reminders. I needed to hear 2 of them today. Thanks Rommy! 🙂

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